Product Introduction

     Origami is a popular hand game loved among kids, through the variety of folding, vivid theme, it can train observation, imagination and creativity of kids. By using paper with different colors and graphics, after folding, turning, pulling, and other techniques, we can fold kinds of animals, flowers, figures and other common items of daily life, which contains great fun, practical and decorative. At the same time, in the folding process, it uses a large number of concept of mathematical geometric which is helpful for the children's learning. Origami is not only popular in the education of children, but also has broad impact in psychological therapy and other medical treatment field s as well as buildings and art field. What’s more, old people can prevent Alzheimer’s disease through the origami activity by using band and brain.

    Kidstoyo origami is an origami brand founded by Shanghai Cosmo Business Corporation, we introduce Japan's largest origami Corporation- ト ー ヨ ーCorporation’s origami into China and also sell them in China.Our paper is made from high quality pulp, using only paints but not dye except a few lines, so it’s safe and environmental protective.The paper is ultra-thin, flat and tough after processed by the most advanced technology and has passed Japan’s Toy Association qualified ST detection, the paper is thin but strong, easy to fold but not easy to damage. The design of the product covers different degrees of difficulty thoughtfully, from easy to difficult, there are so many choices for people at different ages and different degrees to help experience the magical charm of origami.

    Kidstoyo origami aims to provide the best orgami product, the most advanced origami philosophy and the most intimate origami interflow,at the same time,to transmite the happiness to more people.At present,we have been sold origamis in Toys R Us, Isetan department store, Jiuguang department store,Yiwuyishi household goods chain store, some of the Boshiwa stores as well as some of the Xinhua bookstores. What’s more, in order to let more and more people know and like origami, we often hold kinds of origami teaching activities. Such as making Thanksgiving card with origami with kids for parents at the birthday party of Haha children's Channel’s membership’s birthday activity monthly, which received high praise by most parents.

    Since 2011, we donate 5 cents from the sale of each origami set to support the construction of the mountain elementary’s library.

    We hope to work together with all the counterparts to carry forward the Chinese origami culture.

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