Product Introduction

  Pasco for luggage cases and shoes is an environmental protection tough paperboard Which uses recycled newspaper as the main raw material to create it. It’s called Pasco, its strength is much more tougher than the usual paper and has good formability as well as a certain degree of water resistance. At present, only Japan’s Hokuetsu company has the technology of Pasco production in worldwide, relying on the sole technology, Hokuetsu Pasco has no competitors in the upscale market of luggage cases and shoes in Japan as well as in Korea.
    Pasco for luggage cases, we also named it “”steel paper “” in China in order to distinguish it from the mass of the aluminum material. Japan’s Hokuetsu Pasco is made by wood fiber; therefore, it’s much better than metal or chemical materials in environmental aspects. Pasco has the function of abrasive resistance that usual paper don’t have, what’s more, the weight is more lighter than metal.
    Pasco for shoes, because of its excellent strength, formability, peel strength, as well as soft and beautiful processing surfaces, when fixed in the heel,it’s not easy to fall off or deform etc, has becomie the first choice of shoe matetials, and has been used widely in the Korea’s shoe industry.
Along with the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and the increasing of domestic spending power,we believe that more and more people will choose PASCO as the middle material for shoes in the shoe industry in the near future. Then they can be a menber of high-quality raw material and also high-quality finished shoes team and upgrade their brand to shine in the high-level of shoes industry in worldwide.  

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